Little Review, 2017
HD, 27 minutes (clip)

Little Review is a precisely composed filmic portrait of the girls of the Youth Center for Sociotherapy in Rudzienko, Poland. Suggesting an abstract translation of the eponymous publication, the film comprises three acts and a satirical prologue performed by the young women evoking the resilient and candid spirit of Korczak’s newspaper. Set against a black background that refuses a single context, the scenes are resonant of the history of a diverse group of practices in both the visual and performing arts. Given this space to be seen and heard, the young women, like Korczak’s writers, command performances full of nuance and self-possession. The nearly hypnotic repetition of the English words “trust,” “hate,” “love,” and “hope” in the first scene is followed by a deconstructed piano solo. Considered together with the tableaux of energetic movement in extreme slow motion in the final sequence, the young women’s actions can be seen as allegories of adolescence, evoking challenges both individual and universal.